Tips For Choosing Materials And Creating Creams For Cakes

Cakes has various types and flavor variants that make us want to taste at will. Various variants of taste and look on the cake make it look more delicious and delicious. In addition to the cakes sold in the store you can also make simple cake recipe without oven at home with the recipes you find. Some cakes also have a toping variant that adds a tempting impression to the cake. One of the toppings and ingredients commonly used as an addition to cakes is cream. Adding cream on the cake will add flavor to the cake so it will be more delicious when eaten. If you want to make a cake then added with cream then you need additional ingredients for your cream making. In choosing the ingredients to make the cream you need to pay attention to the ingredients that will be used so that the cream you will make does not fail.

Tips For Choosing Materials And Creating Creams For Cakes

Ingredients and processing cream so delicious

Pure cow’s milk

Not all cream that has a strong milk taste. The taste of pure cow’s milk can add taste to the cake we will make. If you choose the wrong ingredients and wrong in cream processing it will make the cream you will produce to be less have a delicious taste of milk and strong. If you want a cream with a result that has a strong taste of milk then you should choose a cream with pure milk content. By not adding any additional ingredients only pure milk alone. When going to buy a cream look at the packaging whether the cream contains pure milk without any mixture of any ingredients.

Has a minimum content of 35% fat

In addition to pure milk content, to produce a perfect creamy texture you can use a cream with a minimum fat content of 35% this is because for easy cream easy to shake and will produce cream that has creamy texture. If the cream you use has a fat content of less than 35% then the cream will become less so feels and will be less creamy when consumed.

Do not shuffle right away

If you choose to use a liquid cream, then this liquid cream should be stored at cold temperatures. After you buy the liquid cream do not directly mixed into the dough and shake the cake, store into the refrigerator first to stay cool. Make sure your refrigerator temperature is 4-5 degrees centigrade. If the temperature exceeds the provisions of the cream will be difficult to inflate and will be destroyed when shaken.

Store cream for 24 hours

Because the cream should be used in a cold state, even when it will be whipped cream should also be in a cold state. Therefore, when we buy the cream should be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours before use because it will affect the taste that will be produced on the cake.

Shuffle with the right time

When shuffling the cream, then we have to shuffle it with the right time. Beat the cream until it expands. To find out if the cream is expanding or needs to be shuffled again, make sure the cream texture is. Reversed cream will not spill and not stiff then the cream can be used, if the process of shaking on the cream too long then the cream will be destroyed.

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