Fine Options for the best Taxi Transport for You to the Airport

The popularity of the applications that offer private transportation in Mexico does not give up, in fact, so much competition among the companies that offer this service, that they try different alternatives to gain the preference of the people.

Such is the case of onlinecabs, for example, who “allied” to offer free travel. Another is a company with presence in 8 cities of our country and whose offer we will write in the following paragraphs.

Next, we will solve a question that our readers have shared with us: “Is there an opportunity to get free Taxi trips through my credit card?”

Can I get free trips on Easy Taxi?

The answer is yes and the key is to have a card backed by Mastercard , one of the three processing networks operating in our country; the other two are Visa and American Express.

If you have a plastic with this network, then you have access to Masterhacks, a campaign recently created by MasterCard with the aim of offering exclusive benefits with digital establishments.

Currently, Masterhacks offers promotions and discounts through 16 stores and, of course, Taxis, where you get a discount coupon of 150 dollars  to travel if you download the Easy app and choose the method of payment your MasterCard card. It actually makes the cheap taxi from Treviso airport service true.

Is Masterhacks the only benefit of my MasterCard?

No, in fact, MasterCard offers many benefits. Next, we list the most appreciated by the cardholders:

Masterpass: digital portfolio that consolidates all the cards of the users so that they can buy online . By having their plastics in a single account, they no longer share the data of their products but those of their Masterpass account, which provides security and speeds up each purchase process.

It was presented in August 2017 and although it belongs to MasterCard, it is possible to “register” any card, be it credit or debit, and regardless of whether the processing network is Visa or American Express, something that undoubtedly adds value.

In Airport taxi they have the Airport taxi application that allows you to order a taxi for business or individuals from your computer or smartphone. Fast, simple and uncomplicated to go to the door of a restaurant, a hotel or the airport itself.

A vehicle always at the time you need. With the taxi you do not need to look for schedules or possible combinations of means of transport, it also does not matter if it is festive or not because every day a large fleet works to get you to your destination. Airport taxi professionals at the wheel

Professionals at the wheel

In addition, they have professional drivers with extensive experience in driving. Friendly drivers, who still know how to inform you about the city,do so, as they know the best shortcut to save time. In addition, if you carry a package or suitcase has a large trunk to carry it without problems. Always ready to help the client.

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