Do You Need to Sell or Donate Your Belongings to Buy an RV?

If you’ve never bought an RV before, but you’ve been dreaming of enjoying your retirement in freedom or taking a year or two off work to travel the country or even continent, you might imagine that there’s a lot entailed with achieving that dream. How can you afford to buy a motorhome? What do you do with your current home and belongings? While you can sell or donate everything, you don’t have to in order to own an RV.

Look for the Best Deals

Visit and take a look at the prices. These new RVs are on sale for a fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If you’re only thinking of selling your belongings because you think you need to raise money to afford it and you don’t think you’ll have enough to pay for storage fees or pay tax or rent on your home while you’re away, think again. With RV prices like these, chances are you can afford to keep your belongings stored or keep your home paid for while you’re gone.


Living in an RV for a while, you might come to appreciate a life with less clutter holding you down. Look at this opportunity as a chance to de-clutter and maybe raise some more funds for your travels, even if you’re not in a position where you’re financially strapped and absolutely need the extra cash. Having less means worrying less and spending less money.

Consider Leasing

If you want a place to keep your belongings that won’t fit in the RV but you don’t want to pay utilities and taxes on an empty home, consider leasing your home as a furnished model while you’re gone for long periods. If you have a spare room, you can even rent out the room alone and work out a deal where your tenant lives in the home year-round to take care of the place but you’re free to stop by whenever your RV takes you back into town. If you’re a renter yourself, ask your landlord about subleasing.

Talk to an RV expert about your plans for your new motorhome. Maybe you do want to just simplify and leave it all behind. In that case, the RV expert will help you pick out a model ideal for turning into a permanent home on wheels. If you want to use it more as a vacation home, you can choose a model with different options.