Write an essay or Write My Essay or paper, regardless of the topic, is a process:

    Wake up and define your topic

Write down the main themes or topics are trying to say in one or two sentences at most.

Define your audience

What to read your essay is a lecturer who grades you or a teaching assistant?

Classmates who will give criticism? A group of professionals for review?

A group of professionals for review?

The reader will remember as long as you are writing

    Plan period

Create a time series of essay writing, and anticipate their development and revision of the essay topic. Often a perfect essay is an essay that was revised after completion.

Collect materials

People: professors, assistant professors, librarians, experts in the field, professional

Reference: textbooks, reference works, web sites, journals, diaries, professional reports

Research: read, interview, experiment, gather data, etc. and record as complete as possible. Use index cards or word processing.

Organize your notes by writing in advance in another paper:

focus on free writing, map, and / or outlining.

    Make Write your first (rough draft)

Decide how you will develop your argument: Use good logic in a reasoned argument to develop the theme and / or support the theme. Will you compare or define? Will you criticize or describe? See the definitions of the essays in The Study Guide site.

The first paragraph

Recommend your topic!

Tell your views to the readers!

Stimulate readers finish reading your essay!

Focus on three points for later

The first paragraph is often the most difficult to write. If you have trouble, just get it re-writing it later, even after you have finished the last paragraph. But remember that it is the first paragraph that the reader’s attention to the topic and perspective, and it is important to keep them reading your essay to finish. Often he first paragraph is the most difficult, to write.

contents essay

Establish flow from paragraph to paragraph

Transition sentences, clauses, or words at the beginning of paragraph connect one idea to another.

(Look at the words and phrases transition)

Sentences principal, also there at the beginning of each paragraph, explain the ideas contained in it according to the context of the overall essay.

Avoid one or two paragraphs which may reflect lack of development of your point.

    Write with active sentences

“The Academic Committee decided …” not “It was decided by …”

Avoid the verb “to be” for clear, dynamic and effective.

(Avoid the verb “to be” and the presentation will be effective, clear and dynamic.)

Avoiding “to be” means the use of passive voice.

Use quotations to support your interpretations

Cite and explain exactly every phrase is used.

Use quotes should block or indented separately because they can damage the flow of your argument.    Prove your point you think continuously from the beginning to the end of the essay

Do not leave the main focus of your essay. Do and Focus in “Write My Essay

Do not just summarize the content of your essay. Wait until the conclusion paragraph.


Read the first paragraph and the first essay

Summarize, then conclude, your argument

Back (once again) in the first paragraph once the contents of the essay. Is the last paragraph:

restate the main ideas in brief?

reflects the success and importance of the arguments contained in the content of the essay?

logic conclude their development?

    Edit / rewrite the first paragraph

It can make the contents and conclusions essay better.

Take one or two days off!

Read your paper with a fresh mind and a sharp pencil

Edit, correction and re-write when needed

Collect your essay

Celebrate the work that you have resolved well

(You have to believe this!).