6 Travel Tips that makes Experienced Travellers Journeys Easier

Whether taking a trans-Atlantic business trip or trekking around south-east Asia with a backpack, going on your honeymoon to an exotic island or leaving the confines of your country for the first time, there are some simple rules that seasoned travel vets adhere to make their trips smooth and trouble free. It might be that you save on sleep, time, money, or all of the above, but for the best possible experience, pick and choose what tips work for you.

Hustle to passport control

Turning on the afterburners to get in front of the bulk of the line is not always possible. You might be weighed down by a large carry-on (although better not to be, more on that later). Or, you might be seated in an inconvenient location because you did not want to pay extra for priority seating. Still, if you can, you can save ton of time by getting to passport control quickly, especially in major international hubs.


Prepare an e-book reader, good podcasts, movies, work

This is self-explanatory. Whether you are trying to pass time on the airplane (and time does fly when you are watching a good movie or reading an engrossing book) or in your Airporthotels.com hotel. Some flights offer internet service for a cost, but just in case, download media before you leave your house. You never know, an audiobook of War and Peace might even help you fall asleep on that long flight.


Pack a snack

Save on what often amounts to mediocre, always over-priced airport food by packing a lunch, or at least a snack beforehand. Bonus: if you don’t like any of the airplane food, you have a contingency plan.


Use a card that rewards you for your travel expenses

This applies more to people always on the move, but certain banks and airlines offer great deals for rewards for money you would already be spending on food, transportation, and the like on your travels. By redeeming points you accrue, you reward yourself with free stuff: seating upgrades, free flights, and free hotel rooms.


Get your sleep wherever you can find it

Sleep is something you will want to pack in as much as possible. You might be catching up on a late night packing, or just want to be as energetic as possible to hit the ground running. Sleeping on planes is ideal for many, but not always possible, even with that neck cushion you got for Hanukah. Sleeping pills can work well to adjust to a new time zone; just plan ahead of time. Even springing for Manchester Airport hotels could be the difference between being well-rested for your upcoming business meeting State-side, or being sleepy throughout.


Travel as light as humanly possible, with room to buy stuff

It seems like the more you travel, the more you learn to pack lighter. Do not be tempted to pack stuff you only might need, and try to use as many multi-use items to kill two birds with one stone.


Travel better

There you have it! Follow whatever applies to your situation and travel better!