10 Zoos That Are Helping The Most With Preservation Of The Endangered Species

A zoo essentially refers to an establishment, which maintains a collection of different species of wild animals, typically in a garden or park with the main aim of conserving, studying, or for the purpose of displaying to the public. In the zoos, animals roam freely within a natural environment. Apart from preserving the endangered species, zoos have taken an extra role of breeding species existing in the facility to increase the number of the endangered species. A majority of the zoos nowadays run conservation programs to help protect endangered species that are struggling to survive. In fact, here are the top 10 zoos that are helping the most with the preservation of endangered species.

1. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo is located in the United States; it was the first public zoo in the country. This zoo holds almost ten different rare species of primates including the Gibbons, Lowland Gorillas, Lemurs, Silverback gorillas and Sumatran Orangutans. Moreover, Philadelphia Zoo is well-known for its effective rare breeds breeding program.


2. Bronx Zoo

This incredible zoo is located in the New York City, United States; it is among the largest zoos in the world with around 6000 wild animals. It’s estimated that 650 different species in this zoo are considered to be endangered. This zoo was opened in 1899, and since then it has been running wildlife education programs and wildlife conservation.


3. London Zoo

Also known as Regent’s Zoo, London Zoo is located in London, and it was opened in 1828, hence making it one of the oldest zoos across the world. London Zoo holds a collection of 800 species and above. Since this Zoo is very old, it has the largest number of endangered species. London Zoo has an Aquarium area, which was opened in 1853 and the Reptile House opened in 1927, all these areas are known for hosting endangered species.


4. Singapore Zoo

Despite Singapore being a small and dense island, it has a botanical garden, an urban park and a zoo considered to be one of the sources of the country’s pride. Singapore Zoo was opened in 1973 it hosts about 300 species, and almost 16 percent of the total population constitutes endangered species. It is considered one of the best worldwide because of the way animals are kept and displayed. This zoo also has been designed beautifully and to allow animals to live in their natural habitat.

5. Berlin Zoo

This zoo is the biggest zoo in Germany, Berlin Zoo and its aquarium houses host about 17,000 different animals most of them are distinct. The current collection of species in this zoo was created from the original survivors; the zoo has conserved this animal for a very long time.

6. Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo covers a colossal area, and it holds collections of about 950 species. This zoo is the best place to find different Chinese animals that you can’t find them in any part of the world. Some of this endangered Chinese animals in this zoo include Chinese Alligators, Giant pandas, Chinese Giant salamanders and South China tigers.

7. Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo is located in New Zealand; it is dedicated to conserving the native animals of New Zealand. This zoo has the most famous endangered species among them is the national bird, Kiwi, besides some endangered species from Asia Pacific region. Wellington Zoo has won most of the commendations owing to the use of green technologies and the use of sustainable resources in animal protection.

8. San Diego Zoo

This zoo holds up to 650 species and subspecies, and most of them are endangered, and it is located in the United States. It was the first zoo to display animals in a cage-less manner, thus, creating a natural habitat for its species. What’s more, San Diego Zoo has a conservation and research institute that ensures that the endangered species in the Zoo are protected.

9. Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo was opened in 1862 making the oldest Zoo in Australia; it holds over 320 species, both Australian species and others from around the world. Among the endangered species in this zoo are like koalas, wombats, echidnas and kangaroos among others. For every year the zoo attracts the highest number of people. When you visit Melbourne Zoo, you will be able to see some of the endangered including the white tiger and proboscis monkeys.

10. Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo holds over 5000 animals from 460 different species from different parts of the world. Among the most endangered species in this zoo are the spider monkeys, Grevy’s Zebras, Gaur, African Elephants, Western lowland gorillas, the pygmy hippo and the Greater Kudu a rare type of antelope. It goes without mentioning that this zoo houses different kinds of animals from Canada such as Moose, Grizzly bear, cougar, raccoons, and lynx.