Using a Party Bus for Transporting Senior Citizens

My sister works at a senior living center. She is an activities coordinator. She was planning an outing for her seniors who still are active in the community. She was trying to figure out the best way to transport them all to the event she was planning. It was a dinner theater night where you eat a meal while actors perform and interact with the audience. I told her that a Toronto party bus rental service would be her best option. She was a bit hesitant thinking about the word “party” in party bus. I told her that the buses are way more comfortable than passenger vans and everyone could ride together.

The facility’s vans are okay, but seniors have to climb in an out of them. Even though these seniors are still active in the community, a few of them do have a bit of difficulty moving certain ways. A bus is much easier to get in and out of. There is no stooping or crawling across seats. You just walk up the steps and are on a flat surface. Sure, there would be fancy lights, a sound system and a big screen TV. However, all of that could be utilized to get a party atmosphere going. One must not forget that just because there might be advanced age does not mean that a party is not a fun thing to participate in.

Her people ended up having a great time on the bus ride and at the dinner theater. There were no problems with anyone getting on or off the bus. It was comfortable, and her group thanked her for not using the vans for transportation. A couple of extra people went just because they knew that getting on and off a bus would be a whole lot easier.