To Think, I Almost Went with Another Service!

When you’re the one that has to plan your best friend’s bachelor party it can get a little stressful to say the least. I asked for help from our other friends but they were all too busy. How can you be too busy? Your friend, best friend to some, gets married once in their life. Let them go out with a bang! Luckily I found diamond party buses rental in toronto. It made everything come together nicely.

While most people would think that since it’s a bachelor party there would be strippers and such involved. That’s not the case here. I know that my best friend would just be annoyed if that’s how his bachelor party turned out. He’s completely devoted to his future wife, and would feel like he was cheating on her in some way. I wasn’t going to put him in an awkward situation so I completely decided against any type of female entertainers.

Instead I decided, lets do this party bus thing. Lets use the bus to get from place to place, and party while we travel! Drinking is out of the question, yeah I know, who doesn’t drink at their bachelor party? Well this group doesn’t, because my best friend is a recovering alcoholic so we all try to support him by staying away from it when we are in his presence. It’s still a bit of a sore subject for him, as he almost lost his fiance due to his drinking problem.

Instead, we’ll be heading out to the casino so we can play some poker. Before that, we’re going to have a friendly game of tackle football since there are so many of us. I figure the football season is just getting started, and we’re all really excited about it so I wanted to incorportate that into our outting.