How to Retain Customers in A Remote Selling Environment

The year 2020 saw a major shift in workplace conditions and priorities in favor of remote working. In terms of sales, there has been a transition to remote selling, and salespeople have had a change in the way they engage customers. However, remote work is not a new concept and 65 percent of companies globally have now turned their attention to remote working. In remote working environments, employees are finding themselves more productive and organizations are reducing costs due to remote work.

However, if you are selling remotely, there has been a lot of changes in the customer buying experience, leading to a rough time retaining customers. Here are a couple of ways to improve customer retention while selling remotely.

Reduce turnaround time on sales

Lack of instant feedback will in most cases lead to customers not being able to find quick answers on what they need and will lead to them shunning your business. You need to set up mobile and desktop notifications for new messages from your customers. Doing so will help you respond quickly to customers and they will feel assured everything is working right.


Re-engineer your customer engagement

Once a lead has been nurtured in your pipeline, you would have them enrolled straight into your nurturing platform. This platform would mostly be a CRM. Be sure to have your CRM always updated and all leads followed immediately to be acted upon. Additionally, ensure you keep your leads engaged with relevant content across all your channels. Note that emails you send, especially during this time, will have fewer engagements, so there is a need to re-strategize.


Enable quick decision making

As a sales leader, you should empower your team with what they need to ensure they can make decisions on behalf of your company without a lot of bottleneck or sabotage.  Note that engagements and support tickets will take a little longer to get resolved. Never rob your customers the chance to serve you when you need more time to deliver on tasks. Shorten the wait time.  you are serving a global market, be keen on the differences posed by geography and time zones.


Always under-promise but over-deliver

At times, you may want to inflate claims and promises on a product for the sake of making a sale. While this might slightly work in a short time, eventually you will find out it is not a suitable practice. Finally, you will end up underwhelming your customers and decrease any likelihood of delighting them.  This can be largely the case especially when communicating remotely and reactions will not be well conveyed through messages.

Once you have managed to delight your customers, you should enable them to contribute towards your success. One way of going about it is by requesting them to write reviews and testimonials about the experience they have received interacting with you. Make them feel a sense of ownership in your company by appreciating them and giving them a chance to voice out how they felt doing business with you.


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