How to Market Your Local Business’ Grand Opening

Have you ever started any product or service business such as landscape maintenance and wondered what would be the best strategy to use to get the message out there while opening the business for the first time? For local and new businesses, it can be hard to get customers through the door. As a marketer, the first step is to let them know of your existence. Ultimately, the marketing tactics you put in place for your grand opening should help your business build relations and create a buzz with your audience.

When marketing your grand opening, you need to develop an all-round marketing strategy. Here are some of the places where you can market your grand opening.


Some cities have bulletins and forums where community events are advertised. You may consider taking out an ad in the local parks and see how it goes. Additionally, you can ask city officials to promote your event in their newsletters or their official communication to their citizens. It is always a good idea to develop relationships with officials.

Leverage your Network

The most obvious place you should consider when marketing your grand opening is to your network. Consider inviting your family and friends and encourage your employees to do the same as well. During such time, consider offering your friends and family discounts as incentives. You can also send a mass email about the opening to your mailing list with the use of free email marketing software.

Local Press

Another very important component of your grand opening marketing strategy involves local press. You must invite the local press to your event. The more coverage you get the better. Additionally, if the press comes to your event, you have the doubt benefit of having them promote it on their networks for those news media who can’t make it to attend, consider sending them a press release before and after the event to make it easy for them to cover it. Additionally, forging good relations with the press is always a noble idea.

Traditional Advertising

For local businesses, traditional advertising still presents a great avenue for marketing. You should consider hanging up flyers wherever you can and make good use of them with the word “opening soon”. Since not everyone knows of your existence yet, you must make use of flyers to market your brand. Additionally, consider other traditional methods such as direct mailing.

Social Media

Most likely, not everyone is going to drive by your billboard ad to see the type of flyers and signs you have put about your business opening soon. To fix this problem, consider reaching out to a local audience online. You can get started with the use of social media. You can create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know. After that, create your social media accounts so that you can run your social media ads and target a local area. The more people see your promotion, the more who will show up.

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